Bitdefender Vs Kaspersky Windows 17 Comparison

Bitdefender and Kaspersky are two of the most renowned security suites in the market. Both are equipped with cutting-edge technology to identify and block malicious software, with a minimal impact on the performance of your system. Bitdefender does have an advantage in a few categories, including less false-positives in addition to a lower use of resources and lower costs.

Both software packages are rated highly by independent sources and provide strong protection against malware. Both have a range of options, including an impenetrable fire wall that closes any vulnerabilities hackers might attempt to attack. Both applications have parental controls that allow you to monitor what apps can access the internet. Kaspersky has an encrypted browser called Safe Money for banking that keeps your financial information in a secure, safe space.

Both products have great customer support with phone numbers, live chat and email that are available round all hours of the day. Both products have forums with helpful solutions. However, Bitdefender has a small advantage in this aspect because they offer additional services to help you stay protected, like a security scanner and password manager. They also offer a free VPN with the daily limit of 200MB. They also offer an anti-virus program that checks your computer for unwanted data. They also provide an option to encrypt files at the file level. the files on your hard drive. This secures them and allows self-extracting packages that are only accessible when needed. This is an excellent option for companies that need strict security of their data.

bitdefender vs kaspersky windows 10

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