Cyclobenzaprine vs Tizanidine: Which is the Better Muscle Relaxer?

Cyclobenzaprine vs Tizanidine: Which is the Better Muscle Relaxer?

It is more widely recognized by its trade name Zanaflex, and it was first approved for muscle spasm treatment in 1996. Only a medical professional can prescribe this medication, which acts on the central nervous system and treats multiple sclerosis and certain spinal injuries. As a general rule, muscle relaxers are used for the short-term treatment of musculoskeletal pain. They flexeril 10 mg precio can be used “on demand” when acute pain strikes but are generally not the drugs of choice for chronic musculoskeletal pain. Doctors recommend muscle relaxers for certain people with muscle pain and spasms. There are two classes – antispasmodics reduce spasms by inhibiting signals in the brain, while antispastics affect the spinal cord and reduce muscle tightness and spasms.

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  • Based on each medication’s dosage schedules, tizanidine could be slightly stronger over time.
  • On the other hand, if you prefer a muscle relaxant with a less sedative effect, your healthcare provider may choose methocarbamol or metaxalone.
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However, a study of long-term tizanidine use concluded that this medicine is relatively safe, effective, and well-tolerated. However, no research suggests that long-term cyclobenzaprine use is safe or effective. They differ by the dosage prescribed and treatment length, and they also have different half-lives, the time it takes for the drug to reduce by one-half, or 50 percent, in the bloodstream. Zanaflex’s half-life is roughly 2.5 hours, while Flexeril’s half-life is 18 hours. Based on each medication’s dosage schedules, tizanidine could be slightly stronger over time.

Dantrolene has a black box warning for hepatotoxicity, so close attention must be paid to signs of liver failure, such as jaundice, right upper quadrant pain, and elevated liver enzymes. Further deterioration of liver function is far more likely with dantrolene use in patients with underlying liver damage at baseline. As the name suggests, muscle relaxants (also called skeletal muscle relaxants) are medications that relax muscles or reduce tension in muscles which, in turn, alleviate the pain and discomfort caused by muscle spasms.

Because Zanaflex’s efficacy peaks at around 1 to 2 hours after a dose and fades between 3 and 6 hours after a dose, treatment can be repeated as needed at 6 to 8 hour periods, up to a maximum of three doses in 24 hours. I wanted to be trusted; I wanted relationships back that I lost, mainly my children and family. It started innocent enough, I got into a car accident, and then I got sucked into the whole, you know, medication issue with the pills. I was sucked in by addiction, and with my mind, I kept thinking it was OK because a doctor was prescribing this for me, a doctor was giving me this, a doctor was giving me that.

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Muscle relaxers are sometimes prescribed for people with osteoarthritis pain and other types of musculoskeletal pain. They are available by prescription only and intended for short-term use. Meanwhile, skeletal muscle relaxers like Dantrium, Flexeril, Lorzone, Robaxin, Skelaxin, Soma, and Zanaflex may need to be used with caution in people with preexisting liver or kidney disease. Furthermore, muscle relaxers are usually not used for the primary treatment of pain.

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It works by blocking signals between motor nerves to relax muscle tone. It is usually taken as a 2 mg or 4 mg tablet every six to eight hours. The purpose of this systematic review is to discuss emerging evidence surrounding the use of oral muscle relaxants in cerebral palsy related pain. Here we discuss systematic reviews, meta analyses, and randomized controlled trials relating to baclofen, diazepam, dantrolene, flexeril, and tizanidine.

Does Flexeril help with pain?

Tizanidine was shown to be very effective in a handful of small studies. Skeletal muscle relaxants are widely used in treating musculoskeletal conditions. However, evidence of their effectiveness consists mainly of studies with poor methodologic design. In addition, these drugs have not been proven to be superior to acetaminophen or nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs for low back pain. Systematic reviews and meta-analyses support using skeletal muscle relaxants for short-term relief of acute low back pain when nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs or acetaminophen are not effective or tolerated.

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Zanaflex is a newer drug FDA-approved for muscle spasticity due to multiple sclerosis and spinal cord injuries. Flexeril is an older drug that has been more heavily studied for musculoskeletal pain and spasms. The better drug is the one that works best for your specific condition.

Drug Interactions For Zanaflex

Most muscle relaxers act as central nervous system depressants and cause a sedative effect, or prevent your nerves from sending pain signals to your brain. The suggested cyclobenzaprine dose is 5 or 10 mg three times per day in immediate release pills or 15 or 30 mg once per day in extended-release tablets (Zegarra, M., 2010). Muscle relaxants such as Flexeril (cyclobenzaprine) and Zanaflex (tizanidine) are used to relieve muscle tension and cramping (spasm) caused by acute, painful musculoskeletal diseases. CP is a permanent, chronic, debilitating neurocognitive and neuromuscular disorder rooted in the perinatal and neonatal periods of development from a variety of possible insults. Its clinical presentation is as variable as its etiology; it is diagnosed during infancy through delayed motor function or overt dysfunction.

For example, Zanaflex (tizanidine) is used to treat muscle spasticity linked to MS and spinal cord injuries while cyclobenzaprine is used to treat skeletal muscle pain and spasms. Cyclobenzaprine is available in extended-release formulations while tizanidine is not. Oral dosages of Zanaflex range from 4–36 mg/day, but studies have indicated that starting with a dose of 4 mg/day is suitable for most people to manage muscle spasticity. The dosage may be increased gradually over a few weeks if there is no response, up to a maximum daily dosage of 36 mg. In comparison, Flexeril can be taken in doses from 5-10mg three times per day but should not exceed a total of 30mg per day.

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