Using a Document Management Tool for Sensitive Government Files

The awe-inspiring amount of documentation and information that government agencies are responsible for often requires solutions that improve workflow processes, ensure compliance and make it easy to access the information that is most important. These requirements are especially important for federal government agencies that must adhere to strict documentation guidelines and ensure security.

A document management software could assist in eliminating the need for physical documents by organizing and storing documents online. With this program, employees can work from any location and find the right file quickly and easily. This software reduces the time staff spend searching for files. This can be frustrating and affect productivity.

Using an online document management system lets users safeguard sensitive documents. These systems can set access restrictions at a level of folders and also provide an audit trail of the times and methods in which documents are accessed. This allows organizations to be proactive in protecting their data and information from hackers and other unauthorized entities.

Online document management systems can be a boon for organizations that have to deal with a large volume of documents. This software can enable businesses to scan different types of documents and automatically convert them to PDFs or other file formats. It also offers eSignature capabilities as well as backup and restore features.

EisenVault, which is designed to handle a massive quantity of documents, gives numerous options for security and tracking. This includes an audit log that allows users to keep track of the time and manner in which documents were accessed, as well as encryption while in the process of transport and in.

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